Davidson Development has performed in the role of Master Developer on award-winning, nationally and world recognized developments. Our experience in delivering successful developments is grounded in our belief that all real estate projects must first be determined to be viable (in all respects) – before advancing to programming, design and development. Time has demonstrated that projects which get force-fit for any reason usually fail in the near-term. We are not interested in positioning real estate for a fast-flip based on trumped-up accolades and hollow promises of escalating value. We work closely with both owners and their land to understand the owners' development goals and aspirations balanced with the environmental, cultural, historic, and regulatory and development attributes of the land itself. We strive to achieve a hand-in-glove compatibility, in this regard, that will pave a path to investment and development success. We base our programming recommendations on a careful study of opportunities and constraints, attributes and liabilities and options and obstacles to establish a measurement of viability that informs and validates the entire land development process.

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