Davidson Development is known and respected for its “partner” approach to all regulatory agencies. We have worked long and hard to establish our reputation as a Master Developer Extraordinaire when it comes to abiding by the rules and regulations of local, county, state and national agencies. We take pride in our ability to work in a collegial and collaborative manner – to satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies without unduly compromising the needs and budgets of our clients. Davidson Development has enjoyed an effective working relationship with, among others, the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Environmental Regulation, various State of Florida Water Management Districts (chiefly, St. Johns River Water Management District), Florida Department of Transportation, City of Jacksonville, St. Johns County (and other north Florida counties) and the State of Florida's Regional Planning Councils and Department of Community Affairs. Importantly, we enter every regulatory and permitting pursuit with the sole purpose of maximizing a property's regulatory rights while adhering to the rules, regulations, covenants and restrictions. We push the regulatory envelope through inventiveness and with proven examples but we know when a “no” means “no”. Even so, we have had tremendous positive results when we have questioned and tested, with authority and reason, the regulatory directions – to create a win-win scenario for all parties.

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