The smell of freshly-turned dirt, the clang and ringing of construction equipment, the coming together of infrastructure, buildings and landscape, the preservation of natural environments and the construction of beautiful built environments is what gives us immense satisfaction. We don't delegate – we participate, direct, supervise, manage, instruct, alleviate, mitigate, remediate and build – in short, we don't delegate it – we do it. Davidson Development employs a comprehensive approach to the entire design, development and construction process. We assemble, direct and choreograph the best professional disciplines necessary to plan, design and permit a project. We partner with the most professional, reputable, business-minded contractors available to ensure the fair, honest, on-time and on-budget delivery of every built phase of a project, including compliance with regulatory inspections and permitting obligations. Our purpose, in the construction phase of any project, is to ensure that all activities of our project team are conducted with trust, competency, care and integrity. Many of the projects we have built have garnered awards and accolades. When we launch construction activity, we remain attentive and committed to the very end – to achieve high-quality, goal-satisfying, lasting-value that delivers by any measure. We know that anything we build – carries our name – and just like you would yours – we protect and hold it dear.

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