Many highly desirable, well-located, attractive projects and development sites have come back to their original owners/lenders/investors – whether they wanted them, or not. When these Real Estate Owned (REO) assets are assigned to managers with limited real estate sales, marketing and development experience, they often go into hibernation for months and even years. Often times, the vast portfolio of assets prevent the gems and otherwise viable development sites from emerging out of the file. We can perform essentially as an Owner's Representative to speed the disposition of real estate, whether it is owned by an individual, family trust, investor group, or financial/lending institution. We have the experience and expertise to oversee the financial performance of a regional property portfolio; review and approve service agreements and contracts; respond to requests for information from investors and capital clients; prepare annual operating plans and capital budgets; assist property managers in evaluating and resolving operational issues; completing quarterly (or otherwise) valuations and reports for property portfolios; representing an owner before government/regulatory agencies; analyzing tax assessments and positioning a property for its highest and best use to maximize sale proceeds.

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